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Our Academics

A Living Classical Christian Education is a holistic approach to education that prepares students to excel in all aspects of life, including and beyond college.  The Living Classical Christian Model is a much more expansive curriculum that understands academics as just one piece to the educational puzzle focusing and preparing students for relationships, careers, and leadership.
Every subject incorporates a biblical worldview and points to God. We approach learning by 
keeping in mind that every child learns differently. Our curriculum incorporates auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning methodologies.


Our literary program teaches students to:

  • think critically.

  • write persuasively.

  • read with passion.

  • communicate effectively.

  • speak eloquently.



Our science program engages the student in active learning through:

  • hands-on experiments

  • written work and oral discussion.

  • comparison of world views and biblical truth.

  • critical thinking and reasoning.

Taking Notes in Class


Our writing program provides an effective and simple way to teach:

  • composition.

  • grammar.

  • writing stages.

  • a story development process.

  • research strategies.

Image by Annie Spratt

History and Geography

Our history and geography program covers topics in both United States and World History. It engages students through:

  • use of maps, pictures, and timelines. 

  • study of cultures and recipes. 

  • discussions on moral influence in government.

Student Learning Mathematics


Our mathematics program goes beyond traditional math and incorporates:

  • basic math facts.

  • conceptual understanding.

  • retelling and narration.

  • problem-solving techniques.

  • a perspective that God is the author of math.


We engage our students with a variety of extracurricular subjects and activities. These include:

  • Physical Education

  • Health 

  • Art

  • Spanish

  • Home Economics

  • Finance and Budgeting

  • Leadership Skills

  • Field Trips

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